Gotta iPhone? iPhone Cables, Popcharge Auto, Popcharge Combo 90% Off At CVS!

photo(8)Head over to CVS and try to get these at 90% off!  One USB plugin for the car at $12.99 clearance to $1.29.  A USB plugin for the car and one to plug in at home for $18.99 clearance to $1.89.  Lastly a cable for iPad, iPhone, iPod and also Android devices, smartphones, tablets, and more (this is what the package says) for $16.99 clearance to $1.69.

Ok folks I can tell you that there are no cables left at the Harrisburg Pike CVS location but plenty of the other two kinds available there.  It is in a cart right across from the register.  Go now and get em!  Or check your other CVS locations!  You may get lucky!  Remember it may not be marked so go and scan them!

Good luck!

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