Lancaster Sunday News Coupons You May Not Know About!

Always check through your entire Sunday paper so you don’t miss out on any important coupons hidden in the paper!  Today I found the extra Wendy’s coupon booklet and some others.

There is a $5 off $50 coupon for Giant on the back page of the first section.


Also in the first section there is a coupon for 20% off at Big Lots good only today!



I also saw an ad for SKH where they are having a special event October 12 11am-2PM at the Roherstown and Mechanicsburg locations.  It is called Eggtoberfest where they demo the Big Green Egg Grill and give away food samples!  They had pizza, chicken, and other yummy food the last time!


There also is an ad for the Corn Wagon!  Cabbage for $1.00 a head and they are HUGE!  Closed on Sundays though.


There are sometimes other coupons from the Parade Magazine, craft store ads, department store ads, drugstore ads and sometimes special restaurant coupons to find in the paper.   I normally hold onto my papers for a week just in case I missed something.   You should always double check because you never know what coupon you may find!


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